childhood cancer

childhood cancer

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Early release for good behaviour

Well, that was not too bad after all. In on Thursday morning, out on Saturday afternoon. Hickman line in. Round two of chemo done. Home again at least a day ahead of plan -excellent. It's the first time that everything seems to have gone exactly right. Plus it was aided by a very efficient nurse who should co-ordinate discharges at every hospital!

She took our shopping list of things we needed to take home (syringes, spare NG tube, dressings etc), talked us through looking after the hickman line (which was not really done in much detail before) made sure we had enough drugs to get to Friday, checked Luke out to make sure everything was ok, and sent us on our way. Brilliant!. Only thing we have learnt is to check with the hospital exactly what time his last dose of anti-sickness was before leaving, as he's been sick again while we've been trying to get him to sleep.  Hopefully it hasn't bothered him too much, but can't be nice for him.

So, tonight, Letitia and I have a Tesco readymeal each which we were going to have at the hospital-only we can gave a glass of wine with it at home!

Does anyone know if 9 month old babies know that the clocks going back means an extra hour of sleep? No? I thought not.... still -i will be happy to be woken up by Luke in the morning-because he's home.

Have a great Saturday night.

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  1. Brilliant news. The Hickman Line makes life a lot simpler for all of you, and most importantly makes many treatments far less painful for your little one.