childhood cancer

childhood cancer

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fingers crossed

It's been a busy few days, hence no blogging for me. Luke is basically doing well-but he has got a bit of a cold. Hopefully it won't mean much, but we're pretty nervous because first thing tomorrow we go back into hospital.  He is meant to have his hickman line put back in tomorrow, and all being well start chemo again on Friday.

The hospital has said that the operation tomorrow depends on the anaesthetist being happy with things. If they feel Luke's cold is too bad, they won't go ahead. Then we will have another delay.... hopefully it won't come to that, as we really feel at a standstill with things right now.

On a different note, Google have disabled my ad account for what looks like invalid activity. Apparently I can't encourage the readers of this blog to use the ads! I have put ads from another provider on for now, and will, when I have time, challenge Google on it. All it means us a delay in raising money to donate. Will keep you posted.

Hopefully i'll have some positive news tomorrow night.

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