childhood cancer

childhood cancer

Monday, October 17, 2011

All systems stop again

No surgery today afterall - so no new hickman line. Two aspects - firstly Luke's temperature started spiking this morning to 37.7 (just below the 38 automatic antibiotic response); and secondly our consultant was aprehensive about the artificially high neutrophils and preferred to give Luke a couple more days to get his immunity back up himself.


But, the oncoligist is not overly concerned about waiting a few days, so once again I find myself having to accept his judgement and focussing on later on the week when hopefully we can move forward again.

Question of the day is how to get clear concise information and instruction about the next steps. Having the message that we will aim to have a new hickman line towards the end of the week doesn't do much for our planning - are blood tests needed at some point to see if all is well? Will the op be scheduled - if so when? Or on an emergency list? Do we need to keep doing the antibacterial baths until the hospital calls us? Can I have a rough idea to plan work around it etc.

I'll let you know the answer to any and all if those questions as and when I do

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