childhood cancer

childhood cancer

Monday, October 17, 2011

All systems go

So, with aprehension, not a small amount of worry and more mind changes than I've had hot dinners, I have come up to Chesterfield for a couple of days. More accurately right now, Matlock, about 10 miles from Chesterfield. Staying with my Dad for these couple of days away for work.  Can't say coming away was an easy decision, but like Letitia has told me several times, there won't be a 'good' time to do it for quite a while. Fingers crossed everything will be ok and I won't be dashing back down the M1.

Good news is Luke's neutrophils are back above 2, so looks like surgery to put a new hickman line in tomorrow can happen, and hopefully chemo round two starts Tuesday. Can't help wondering what would have happened of we hadn't asked questions in Saturday and got the injections to help boost them. Still, all ok now, and he's had another great day.

That's it for tonight-some bedtime reading to do before an early start and full agenda tomorrow. Off topic and apologies to anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, I have to say I am quite shocked at the indycar news from Vegas tonight though-British driver Dan Wheldon died after a multi-car accident. I know motor racing is dangerous, have followed it long enough to have been moved by Ayrton Senna dying in 1994, but kind of take the safety for granted after a while.

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  1. Best wishes for the Hickman Line. Transformed things for us when my son's was put in.