childhood cancer

childhood cancer

Monday, September 26, 2011

Ups and downs

Great news first - bone scan results back and all clear. That means we are only dealing with the spinal sarcoma rather than any spread to other areas.

I think it is also great news that chemo starts tomorrow. Who knows how Luke will react to that, but we will finally be starting the treatment rather than just dealing with the symptoms.

On the down side, Luke has been suffering quite a bit over the last couple of days, and today has gone onto oramorph to complement the calpol. Hardest thing in all this is seeing Luke in pain. At least in hospital there are all the nurses and doctors to help - worried about when he comes home, as I can't see the chemo materially changing things straight away. Can't wait for him and Letitia to be home though - a week and counting....

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