childhood cancer

childhood cancer

Friday, September 30, 2011

Another good day

We feel like we are on the 'up' part of this rollercoaster right now. Luke has had another really good day-that's two in a row for the first time in a while! Other than some pretty copious vomitting this morning when they thought it should be ok to stop the anti-sickness drugs, he has been happy and playful all day. He has eaten solids properly for the first time in about a week, taken a proper breastfeed. And he even escaped from the hospital for a while this afternoon to go for a walk.

All of this is tempered with the knowledge that without the oramorph he would be completely different because of the pain. But, if we can be at home having days like this then we will all be happy.  We have been warned of what side effects of the chemo to prepare for already, so we know that we need to really enjoy these days when they are here, as tomorrow may be different.

Tonight's plan (I am home earlier than I have been for some time) is to crack on with some work, make sure I have dinner (I'm still a bit like Luke has been lately -I don't really want to eat but know I have to so am forcing myself - only I don't have to use an NG tube), and then try to get some sleep to ne back at the hospital in the morning. Really hoping for good day number three.

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